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  • All booking deposits are non-refundable & non-transferrable.
  • If you cancel your appointment after paying a deposit, you will forfeit the deposit.
  • At the studio’s discretion only, in the event of an unavoidable emergency cancellation, we may refund your deposit minus a 25% admin fee.
  • We’re happy to reschedule without loss of deposit if you give us a minimum of two business days’ notice for standard appointments and five business days for full day appointments.
  • In the event of a state of emergency or lockdown being declared, all deposits will be held by Artful Ink until Artful Ink Indonesia is in a financials position to begin refund.
  • If you would like to make a major change to your design concept, most of our artists require at least two business days’ prior notice, otherwise this will be considered a cancellation and your appointment will need to be rebooked with a new deposit paid.
  • If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, we cannot to tattoo you in the best interests of you & your child’s health.
  • Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit & healthy enough to be tattooed.


  • All reschedule requests and cancellations must be in writing via Facebook Messenger or email.
  • We strive to give the best possible experience to all of our clients and repeated rescheduling by one client affects the experience of others. Repeated rescheduling will be treated as a cancellation.
  • Deposits are only valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • Artful Ink Studios & our tattoo artists own the copyright for all artwork created.

Freehand charging

  • If your artist uses their freehand skills to create your tattoo (this means drawing directly onto your skin rather than using a stencil) they may charge from the moment the pen touches your skin. This is at the artist’s discretion.

Full day session ‘tap out’ minimum charge

  • If you have a full day session booked with one of our artists, the minimum charge for your appointment will be 4 hours.

Touch ups

  • If you have a on your hands, feet, behind the ear or inner lip, we do not offer free of charge touch ups and these areas are prone to dropping out.
  • If you require a minimal touch up on a tattoo by Artful Ink Indonesia we are more than happy to do a free of charge touch up within 1 year – if you book in for a new tattoo.