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Terms and Conditions

(updated 13/12/22)


  • If you are COVID-19 positive, please do not attend your appointment. For tattoo appointments, if you provide us with a screenshot of the text message you receive from WA Health / PCR testing centre, or a medical note, then we are happy to reschedule your appointment without loss of deposit (minus a 10% admin fee). If you can’t provide us with the required info within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, you will forfeit your deposit. 
  • If you are a COVID-19 close contact, we ask that you wear a mask to your appointment. For tattoo appointments, if you choose not to attend, the minimum notice periods of THREE business days for standard appointments and FIVE business days for rescheduling apply, as per our t&cs. 

These measures are in place for both your health and the health of our staff. Thank you for your understanding! 


  • We tattoo people aged 18+ ONLY with no exceptions. Please bring valid photo ID – current passport, driver’s license or WA Photo Card. 
  • If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, we will not tattoo you in the best interests of you & your child’s health. 
  • Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure you are fit & healthy enough to get a tattoo. If in doubt, consult a medical professional. 


  • We do not accept Gift Cards as payment for a deposit. 
  • All booking deposits are non-refundable & non-transferrable. 
  • If you cancel your appointment after paying a deposit, you will forfeit the deposit. 
  • In the event of a state of emergency or lockdown being declared, all deposits will be held by Artful Ink until business operations resume. 
  • At the studio’s discretion only, in the event of an unavoidable emergency cancellation, we may refund your deposit minus a 10% admin fee. 
  • Booking deposits are valid for 12 months from the date of receipt, unless used or forfeited prior.


  • All reschedule requests and cancellations must be in writing. 
  • We’re happy to reschedule without loss of deposit if you give us a minimum of three (3) business days’ notice for standard appointments and five (5) business days for full day appointments. 
  • We strive to give the best possible experience to all of our clients and repeated rescheduling by one client affects the experience of others. Repeated rescheduling will be treated as a cancellation, please do not ask for more than three (3) reschedules. 
  • Holiday periods (Christmas, Easter etc) are not considered business days and therefore no reschedules can be completed. 

Design changes

  • If you would like to make a major change to your design concept, most of our artists require at least five (5) business days’ notice prior to your appointment. Any less notice will be considered a cancellation and your appointment will need to be rebooked with a new deposit paid.   
  • If booking with Janelle, please give a minimum of ten (10) working days advance notice of a major design change, and be aware that another consultation may be required. 


At Artful Ink we have different rates for different artists levels:

Junior Artist

  • Hourly 
  • Full day
    $900 (5.5-7 hrs) 

Standard Artist 

  • Hourly
  • Full day
    $1210 (5.5-7 hrs) 

Senior Artist 

  • Hourly
  • Full day
    $1320 (5.5-7 hrs) 

Tier 1 Senior Artist 

  • Hourly
  • Full day
    $1500 (5.5-7 hrs)

All estimates are indicative only and can vary based on the final design and placement at the discretion of the tattooist.

Tattoos are usually charged per hour from the moment the tattoo machine touches the skin. However, in the event stencils need to be resized, replaced and taken longer than normal it is at the discretion of the tattoo artist to charge for this time. Freehand design time may also charged for (see below).

Freehand charging

  • If your artist uses their freehand skills to create your tattoo (this means drawing directly onto your skin rather than using a stencil) they may charge from the moment the pen touches your skin. This is at the artist’s discretion. 

Full day session ‘tap out’ minimum charge

  • If you have a full day session booked with one of our artists, the minimum charge for your appointment will be 4 hours.

Touch ups

  • If you have a fine line tattoo, single coloured ink tattoo, tattoo containing red ink or tattoo on your hands, feet, wrists, ankles, neck, ear, behind the ear or inner lip, we do not offer free of charge touch ups unless required due to negligence on the part of the artist or the studio.

Gift vouchers


  • Artful Ink Australia Pty Ltd & our tattoo artists own the copyright for all artwork created.