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Artful Ink Margs Artists

Our artists will take the time to understand your style, and will work with you to come up with a design that you love.


An expert in black, fine line, and detailed work, Sammi’s subject matter tends to have a focus on intricate flowers and beautiful snakes.

Cory Wesley

Handpoke tattoo artist. Cory is our hand poke artist. Hand poke tattooing brings us a little bit closer to the ancient art of tattooing. It is a method of tattooing in which ink is deposited into the skin using a needle without the aid of electricity.


Alice from Wonderland (and yes, she does follow the white rabbit). Alice is our newest addition to the Artful Ink Family. She has been tattooing since 2011 and has illimitable experience in all styles of tattooing, with an immeasurable love for water-colour and sketch.