Artful Ink Bali Resident Artist


Born and raised in Medan Sumatra, Ridho is the undisputed KING of blackout work here in Indonesia. Starting his tattoo career in 2008 in Medan, then moving to Jakarta to continue learning in different studios and from different artists, it wasn’t long before the opportunity of working on Bali lured him to the island of the gods. That was in 2013. Since then Ridho, with the advice and guidance of his guru @Dekalcomanu_ has studied, practised, experimented, researched, and everything in between, the techniques needed to produce the most solid, faultless blackout work available. His work is FAULTLESS and it’s FAST! We won’t bore you with life facts or hobbies about Ridho, this guy can seriously smash out no bullshit blackout work. His work speaks for itself.


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Being inspired by the gratitude of satisfied clients and being able to accurately express their ideas through quality work is what drives Oleksii to be the world class tattoo artist that he is.


Born and raised in Medan Sumatra, Ridho is the undisputed KING of blackout work here in Indonesia...


In a world first for artful ink bali, we introduce our official, in house piercer Heru Sukliwon. This guy is amazing, and his reputation certainly precedes him.

Lil Ucha

Ucha started his tattoo career back in 2009 and is artistically inspired by dot work, and black and grey works.


Ryan’s natural talent at at all things arty make him the brilliant tattoo artist that he is, and having him and his beautiful family a part of our family, puts smiles on all of our faces.


Tattooing since 2002, his favourite styles include old school traditional, Japanese and all its variants. He is an amazing guy, putting out fantastic works and is a huge part of our team.


Pupha is another one of our resident Indonesian artists. In our opinions, Pup is THE coolest mother fucker on the island.