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Josh has always been an artist at heart, driven by his need to create imagery that will spark emotions, and leave the viewer inquisitive. He was born in South Africa and was 18 years old when he got his first tattoo, a space-themed triangle on his wrist. By age 22 he was dreaming of being a tattoo artist, landing an apprenticeship soon after. Halfway through he moved to Perth, WA where he joined the Artful Ink family – this is where Josh’s true passion for tattoo art was ignited. He’s excited to create realistic tattoos, and Japanese style work.

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Kevin Maunsell

Kevin can turn his hand to almost any tattoo style, and he’s Artful Ink’s undisputed king of fine line tattoos. Known for his can-do attitude, his love of a challenge and his willingness to help others, Kevin is nothing short of an absolute diamond.

Miguel Canete

Miguel Canete aka Migz, Miggie Smalls, Notorious M.I.G or J-Migz, is Artful Ink’s little Filipino pocket rocket. He’s the go-to guy for all things realism: colour or black and grey, Migz has it all covered.