Artful Ink Perth Resident Artist

Agung Irianto

Artful Ink’s legendary founder, master tattooist Agung Irianto (aka Gung) has been creating custom designs for keen Perth tattoo collectors since 1999. Originally hailing from Indonesia, Gung began tattooing in 1986 and arrived in Perth just a few years later. He then met Paul and they opened a tattoo studio, thus the Artful Ink empire began! As an old school tattoo artist who can truly excel in any style, an appointment with Gung reflects tattooing’s former days, providing a consultation and custom tattoo wrapped up into one single session. From black and grey realism to Japanese-style koi fish in stunning colour, bold freehand patterns and tribal designs, and everything in between: Gung is truly a tattoo master. A roll call of Perth’s most talented artists will reveal dozens who got their start as apprentices under Gung’s expert instruction over the decades. When he’s not tattooing or teaching others, he enjoys drawing, painting and spending time with his family. Softly spoken, with a wicked sense of humour, this unassuming gentleman tattoo artist leaves an indelible mark on a client’s skin, and their soul.


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Agung Irianto

Agung. The master. The legend. The founder of the Artful Ink Empire. Agung is a world-class master, having been tattooing for over 20 years

Janelle Wallis

Our youngest senior artist, with 10 years tattooing under her belt Janelle apprentices under Master Agung himself. A wizard with colour, Janelle specialises in pop culture, anime and Disney inspired pieces.


Ever since he can remember, Paul has had a passion for all forms of art. At university he studied Fine Art, Industrial Design, majoring in Furniture Design, and then became a cabinet maker.

Mike Joy

A love of lettering and abstract symmetry is present in his works today as he continues to evolve his tattooing style at Artful Ink Perth.


Leah's desire to pursue her dream of doing what she loves - art - for a living, led her to Artful Ink Perth where she has flourished

Kelsey Pierotti

Kelsey started her tattoo apprenticeship at just 15 years old, after moving to Australia from Scotland.